Sacred body initiation – The 3 rose-gates (in person & online)

This healing service is a deep-going sacred body initiation in the temple of the goddess. The healing has been brought to me in the form of the 3 rose-gates. The rose-codes are opening the flow to our higher self and our intuition and bringing us back to and honoring our body as a sacred temple. They open our sacred sexual energy and release blockages hindering us on our path to feel or bodies and energy as sacred and bringing us back to a pure state of being. This happens as we also clear our karmic energy and on a cellular level we also get prepared to let more light into our cells.

The first gate- clearing the wounds

In the first step we open the sacred space to the temple by a ritual where the goddess is called in by an invocation song . We ask for the guidance of rising from the ashes to the light and release all that is hindering or blocking you on your path. I work with gentle touch on the body as well as working with your energy body to release blockages and open the sacred codes. In this step we are focusing a lot on the womb- space were a lot of memories and energies are stored.

The second gate- Sacred sexual & womb awakening

A deeper initiation of sacred sexual energy and womb awakening is taking part and we also focus more on the yoni serving to clear tensions and blockages that you are carrying in your yoni from this and previous lives. In the tantric tradition it is said that we can carry energies from our previous sexual partners inside the yoni for up to seven years. These energies can cause energy leaking, tension and we can even carry trauma from the person we had intercourse with inside our yoni. In some situations, it can cause us pain, low libido and difficulties to feeling present in our bodies in lovemaking. We are focusing on clearing and opening the flow in the yoni and aligning the yoni with the heart and the womb.

The womb is a power center where we can also perceive information and when we work with healing this area, we can get more I touch with our intuition and being able to feel and manage energy in a more potent way. We can feel more alive and connected between our sexuality and heart and more.

The third gate- sacred union activation

This gate is a deeper initiation of union activation between the heart, yoni and womb and between the sacred feminine and masculine within. When those areas are aligned we feel more centered, clear and more in our full power. We are able to feel energy stronger in our bodies, being able to connect deeper to our heart and soul both for ourselves but also regarding the kind of relationships we attract.