Sacred body initiation – in person

Sacred body initiation is a deepgoing healing form for women who wish to awaken the sacred temple codes, existing in our cell memories since ancient times, where sexuality and spirituality is seen as a unity. These codes are carried through the rose-lineage and the goddess such as Mary Magdalene, Isis, and Inanna and are channeled through my higher self through me during the healing- session.

It is a healing- form for women who wish to release old energies and blockages which are a hinder for one´s potential and spiritual growth and as a result step more into one´s power. So what does it mean to step into one´s power?

It means to be able to understand more about how to use and be aware of one´s energy and step into the process of  embodying unity of one´s sexual and spiritual energy. It means understanding how energy can leak from us and how we can learn to use our sexual and spiritual energy aligned with growth, power and true autenticity within ourselves and in our relationships.

It a healing form beneficial for breaking old patterns and help to let go of what no longer serves us for our growth and potential such as fears and limiting beliefs.

As working with spiritual and sexual healing with women from all over the world, there are some themes in common I have noticed during the years in where the healing have worked effectively. One is the fear of speaking one´s truth and another one is the difficulties to letting go of toxic relationships.

During this life and previous lives, we experienced trauma, tension and memories of fear of various forms where sexual trauma is very common among women (but also with men). In this life we act on these memories often in a subconscious way, forming our patterns, affecting our relationships and attitude towards our bodies and sexual energy. These memories cause tension, blockages, pain etc and we might also have difficulties to feel satisfied with our bodies and feeling conflicted between our sexual and spiritual self.

And as a result, our sexual energy might be blocked, and we might feel low energy and libido and have difficulties to feel orgasmic. When our sexual energy is blocked, we also have lower lifeforce energy as it goes hand in hand. In many cases in both men and women, sexual energy is centred around the genitals.

When our energy is fully open it is moving in our whole body and that’s also when we can be more likely to feel orgasmic, feel more alive, happy and in balance. This will also lead to a stronger sense of unity between one´s spiritual self and sexual self.

These initiations serve for release trauma and blockages, opening and balancing the sexual energy and distributing energy throughout the whole body. Thereby also open the orgasmic portal, uniting our spiritual and sexual self, awakening the sacred temple-codes within.

The practical part

I channel the goddess frequenzies during the session, using gentle strokes and stronger pressure depending on the situation, on the body along with channelled voice and drum.

Each session takes about 1,5-2 hours + a follow up conversation of about 20 minutes. It starts with about 15 minutes pretalk and then the client is laying down. An opening with voice and drum and then the bodywork starts. I´m using sacred temple art mudras to open the energy in the body.

During this time memories might come up to the surface, one might feel very relaxed or one might feel very strong energy rising. It is diffrent from person to person.

The process afterwards

The process afterwards is varying from person to person but since you are releasing memories from your cells and adding new memories/waking up new codes, it is normal to feel very exhausted in combination with very light and energetic and normally a lot of old memories show up in the first days or even weeks efterwards. It is important to be able to rest and reflect and having calm circumstances for the energies to settle smoothly. Since the energetic codes is changing from the inside you might notice this in the external world in diffrent ways too, related to other people or how you relate to other people.