”I did the sacred body initiation – The 3 rose-gates with Anna and its been hugely transformative journey full of serendipity and deep healing. Firstly, Anna cretes a safe space for this initiation and being a pure channel for bringing down the goddess frequency. What I got what far beyond what I could have imagined – clearing very deeply held trauma in my root which creted space for creative expansion and sacred sexual awakening. I also activated a more embodied understanding of the sacred union path and the temple arts. From a day per day perspective I now feel much more grounded and in my body and better able to stay in my power when challenges arise”

Anneka, England

”So happy to have met Anna and so grateful for the healing experience. She’s a very sensitive, responsive and caring healer that works with sacred touch, sound and channelling. I felt reborn after the session. I would highly recommend Anna for those who want to restore their energy, find their centre and clarify anything what seems unclear and get back to yourself. Thank you Anna for your care and helping people”

Raissa, Ukraine

”I could not be happier I did share this experience with Anna. She really privided a sacred space and helped me to release so much and unblock my sacral chakra. I have never experienced anything like that before and she allowed to open the door to bring memories back, help me get back to my ancestors and connect with them in a way that allowed me to understand myself way more and me more in balance with my body and sexuality, had an amazing experience and definitely will repeat again”

Celia, Spain

I had two healing sessions with Anna and find it useful to help me in my healing journey. My energy has shifted from helplessness from a situation to courage. I was able to look at the situation and deal with it. Anna has given me a space to manage with her loving and caring nature. I felt safe to feel my feelings regarding my situation, knowing that I can handle it. Thank you Anna! With you I have started a healing journey and I know I can heal well.

Christine, Singapore

”Felt like I was able to turn inside and turn off the external distractions and I came into contact with something really deep. I felt safe and was able to relax and it was like touching my deepest emotions and inside self. For a moment I was somewhere else. It gave me so much more than just conversation”

X, Sweden

”I had a divine healing session with Anna and I trusted her and the healing process completely. I could feel magic happened and that Anna was all in her power. It felt like a perfect dance between the beauty on earth and cosmic energies and was filled with so much love and harmony. She helped to clean up all needless cords and energies which did not serve me anymore and let go of attachments to old patterns and bring an understanding how deep they were and how much time and energy I had put into this. I felt really empowered and balanced after the healing session with Anna”

”Elena, USA”