About me

My name is Anna. I´m from Sweden and a I´m a priestess in the rose-lineage. I offer sacred healing services where I channel healing frequencies trough the goddess frequencies, such as Isis, Mary, Hathor and Inanna. I also offer sacred temple journey initiations.

My spiritual journey started when I, as young, was initiated to mantra – meditation and got in contact with power spirits in dreams. These experiences set a clear spiritual direction in my life.I studied in India in various schools of yoga, tantra, shamanism and been initiated to a priestess of the rose in Glastonbury in England. I also sing and channel sound frequencies and use this as a sacred tool in my work.

I have experienced a strong transformation when getting in contact with the goddess frequencies through various forms and releasing old cell memories and awakening the rose codes. It has been felt as a rebirth where I got in deep contact with my higher self, learning to use my energy and power and also being able to be a channel for others. One other strong experience from working with the healing initiations as a priestess is the womb awakening. Through this, I feel I have been able to feel my intuition through the womb strongly and feeling the connection a lot stronger between the heart, womb and pineal gland. I also experienced a really deep feeling of union between my sexual and spiritual energy and embodyment of the sacred union codes.

I have felt the call to come to Egypt and integrate the sacred temple codes and work with healing for women and have been living there in wintertime since last couple of years. I have a special connection to the Egyptian goddess lineage and Isis and have been in connection with her in several dreams, visions and channeling. I also spend a lot of time in Glastonbury doing healing work and offering sacred temple journeys both in Glastonbury and in Egypt.

My understanding is that through all the initiations I have gone through, Im not really learning anything new but rather waking up to who I really am, embodying higher aspects of myself, being able to walk my mission on earth. My passion is to be a channel for others, awakening the sacred rose codes within.