Sacred body initiation – group ceremony

This is a ceremony for women in a ceremonial spirit for the ones who wish to open the sacred temple codes, existing since ancient times when sexuality and spirituality was seen as unity. Those codes are carried on through the roselineage through the goddess such as Mary Magdalene, Isis, Hathor and Inanna. During these ceremonies we will work with diffrent temple art practices for release blockages in your cellmemories, open your energy and the sacred codes, and understand more about sexual energy related to spirituality and and how we can use energy in a potent way.
We will combine temple practices, tantric and taoistic teqniques for releasing and opening sacred energy, temple art movements, goddess- singing and some topics for discussion. Below are some examples of the content:

Temple art breathing and movements
Sacred mudras
Tantric and taoistic meditation and breathing
Understanding how sexual energy and spirituality are related
The orgasmic body
Sexual energy and relationships
Releasing old energy from past relationships
Goddess singing

No previous experience is required but you need to have space afterwards to work with the energy.
No alcolhol or other drugs is allowed.
Drink a lot of water before and after.

Welcome ❤️