Spiritual effects on sex and the importance of energy clearing

From working with women from all over the world with sexual and spiritual healing, there is a common theme that goes for a lot of women in my experience and that is to let go energetically from past relationships, negative/abusive relationships or from patterns that was held within that relationship/those relationships. A common example of this is that we might be aware of a negative pattern and we have already broken the pattern from both a cognitive and emotional level but still we are not able to break the pattern fully.

As sexual interaction is a powerful doorway to the spiritual world and can be such enriching, powerful and magical union with another person, bringing us increased energy and creativity, it also has another side which is important to be aware of on the spiritual path.

In the tantric tradition it is often mentioned that it can take about seven years to clear out energies from past sexual relationships. Then of course, it also depends what you do to clear the energy yourself. So how come and how can it effect us ?

As we are exchanging energy with each other every day in one way or another, the effect of sexual exchange of energy goes really deep as the sexual energy is a strong and potent energy which is closely linked with our life-force energy and creativity. Have you been wondering why you still feel effected by a certain person you broke up with even though you are not in love or you might even be in love with another person but still its like that person is effecting you in an energetic way that you cant explain?

Have you had difficulties breaking bad patterns even though you know the right thing to do? Or have you wondered why you start to have thoughts or feelings or such, that does not really belong to you but reminds of your ex for example? Did you ever catch yourself with acting in a way that you dont want to in your new relationship, but you just don´t know where all this is coming from?

This could depend on that the energy from the sexual interactions you had is effecting you (of course often in combination with thought patterns etc) and is still inside our body but also effecting your energy and emotional body as the physical body is closely linked wit the emotional and energetic body.

In this way we can take on thoughts, emotions and even trauma in energetic form from another person and that can be the reason why we can still feel attached without understand or even want to. These energies create furthermore memories in our cells cause we are actually absorbing the life force energy and DNA of the partner. Since as mentioned, sexual interaction is a doorway to the spirit world it can also attract spirits such as hungry ghosts, demons, nature spirits and such.

Another effect this can have is to take on sexual habits or patterns that you did not want to have from the beginning or even bring on those negative patterns to your new relationship. Another is that it can lower your general energy, life force energy and creativity and in the long run it can hinder you from growing spiritually if not consciously chosen.

These are some examples of how sexual energetic bonds can effect us, speaking from the less potent and spiritually healthy perspective and why it is important to be aware of this. Tantric energy clearing is a way to clear old energies and create new memories which are effecting our cellmemories in a positive way.

Most of all for your own sake, but it can also be good to cleanse your energy if you are in the phase of entering a new relationship even though the last one might have not have effected you in a bad way or perhaps  in a good way too. But its nice to meet a new person feeling that you are free from energetic bonds with your past and also for being able to meet love again feeling as a newborn rose.